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Welcome to Scoobi Doge.

The Scoobiverse is a Minecraft server created by a community driven story comic NFT project known as Scoobi Doge launching a brand new play to earn or craft to earn model. It started in mid 2021 and since then we have been working on the server and it keeps growing with more and more content everyday along with NFT ownership and the infinite possibilities around it. The Universe is known for its unique Visionary server mixing private lands NFT owners and normal public players. Connect now to the server with as the server IP address to join Scoobi's adventure! You can also go to to get more details about the comic book we are creating and head to for news and updates!

The Scoobi Doge Wiki is an official wiki devoted to providing information about the Scoobiverse different games and features. The wiki's information is supplied by the Scoobi team and the public, and anyone can become an editor for the wiki by registering an account and editing pages! If you're new to editing, make sure to read the official Wikia tutorials down below! Don't forget to read the Wiki Rules before starting!


Here is a list of our main games:

🎎 The Visionary βœ…

Commonly known as Creative

This is the Realm reserved for our Landlords. The Visionary part is divided into 640 plots. Most of them are owned by investors.

❀️ Heart βœ…

Mostly known as HUB

This is our Heart. The main gate to enter in the Scoobiverse. There is a Museum gallery with all our Comic NFT from our Genesis comic book, the Act 1.

β˜€οΈ Heavens βŒ›

Mostly known as Skyblock

Heavens brings the player to an island high up in the sky, you need to make progress through a lot of challenges with limited resources. There are a bunch of achievements which you need to do and meet their requirements to beat the map.

Not Ready, coming soon...

βš”οΈ Guilds βŒ›

Usually known as Faction

This Realm allows players to create guilds which is a group of players. Each guild has a leader and can have multiple members, each member can have a different grade in the guild, and these grades can be customized by the owner.

Not Ready, coming soon...

πŸͺ“ Brave βŒ›

Usually known as Survival

In the Brave area, players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, eat, and explore the world in an effort to survive.

Not Ready, coming soon...

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Pathfinder βŒ›

Usually known as Parkour

Here you will be challenging each other to jump difficult distances or find paths to areas meant to be explored! A well-known natural game mechanic in every minecraft server.

Not Ready, coming soon...

More details on the possibilities page.

Getting started

Few guides about the Scoobiverse:

  1. Install Minecraft
  2. Access the Scoobiverse
  3. Install Metamask your web3 wallet
  4. Claim your LAND in the Metaverse
  5. Buy your 1st NFT
  6. Buy your 1st LAND NFT
  7. Learn about AntiCheat bot